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Identity Theft


Dealing with identity fraud on your own takes time and money.


Each year millions of people learn the hard way how easy it is for someone to steal their identity. Thieves don’t need much information to wreak havoc with your life. With just your name, social security number and date of birth, they can apply for anything from a credit card to a driver’s license.


And beyond the financial impact of identity fraud, there’s also the emotional toll.

Imagine how frustrated and angry you'd feel having your good name stolen and all

the time it would take to get your life back on track - hundreds of hours on average.


That’s why Northway Insurance offers Identity Fraud Expense Coverage. Reduce the work and the worry associated with identity fraud for as little as $25 per year.

Reimbursement Services Offered Through Northway Insurance:


Northway Insurance's Identity Fraud Expense Coverage, covers many of the expenses you might encounter in the process of repairing your name:

  • Attorney fees & lost wages
  • Cost of notarizing
  • Certified mail
  • Loan application fees
  • Long distance calls

Additional Services Offered Through Identity Theft 911


In addition to this expense reimbursement coverage, we've partnered with Identity Theft 911®, an industry leader in identity fraud management to give you access to a variety of valuable features and services.

  • Identity Resolution Services – these services are offered if you have suffered a theft of identity. A personal advocate is assigned to guide and assist you through the entire process of restoring your identity. Advocates work with all relevant parties to restore identity including credit bureaus, collection agencies, financial institutions, law enforcement and government agencies.
  • Integrated Identity Services – these services are designed for you if you have suffered a loss that may expose you to potential identity theft, but no actual theft of identity has taken place. For example, if someone could enter your home and steal money and jewelry. No actual identity theft has taken place; however, you may have an exposure to identity theft if personal papers were possibly taken, viewed or copied while the actors were in the home.

In this type of situation, proactive fraud alerts can be placed on your credit file to reduce the risk of new fraudulent accounts being created in your name. You would also have on-demand access to a fraud specialist for further assistance.


Proactive Identity Services – these services are designed to assist you if you not suffered a loss or claim. If you are concerned about identity theft and are looking for ways to protect yourself against a potential loss, these services include proactive fraud alerts placed on credit files for early detection.


In addition the following services are also available:

  • Medical Identity Services – assist victims whose personal information has been stolen and used to obtain medical services or treatments or used to file false claims.
  • Military Identity Services – assist service members slated for active duty to help them minimize identity theft risk while stationed abroad.
  • Child Risk Identity Services – help prevent and resolve fraud involving misuse of a child’s information that can take years to detect.
  • Relocation Identity Services – assist customers in protecting personal information during a move and help ensure uninterrupted access to bank accounts, credit accounts, and other important information.

Expert Help is a Phone Call Away


To report an identity theft loss or some other claims occurrence that may expose you to a potential identity theft, call 1-800-TESTPAGE.


Continued Awareness is Key


Visit our services page for resources related to identity fraud, including updated threat warnings and safety tips.

Contact your any of our ioffices for more information about our Identity Fraud Expense Coverage.


1. Identity Theft 911 resolution services not available in every State.

2. Northway Insurance has contracted with a vendor to provide Identity Fraud Services and an educational site. Clicking the link takes you to the site. You will be leaving the Northway Insurance website.


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