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Boat Insurance


Boat /Yacht/PWC Insurance

Spend your summer days enjoying your boat, not worrying about the loss if damage occurs.  Your investment is protected all year long, whether you are using your boat

or if it is in dry dock during the winter months.  Northway offers you the best available coverage at an affordable price.  Pick the Policy that is right for you.


• Standard Physical Damage Coverage.

• Optional Physical Damage Coverage.

• Partial or Extended Parts Replacement Coverage.

• Water Sports Liability.  If you like to water-ski with your boat, this optional coverage

is for you.

• Medical Payments.

• Trailer or Boat Lift Coverage

• Full Coverage for Tenders/Dinghies.  Large boat owners know how important it is to have coverage for these supplemental boats.

• Diminishing Deductible.  This option reduces your deducible by 25% each year

until it reaches zero.  You will continue to receive renewal discounts as well.

• Liability Coverage.  This coverage makes sure you are protected from unforeseen events.  We provide liability protection that covers injuries to both non-family and family members.


Jet Ski and Personal Water Craft Insurance

Northway specializes in meeting the unique needs of PWC owners specializing in the unique needs of PWC owners and includes the following:


• Physical Damage Coverage.  Protection for your PWC against damage or theft.

• Liability Coverage.

• Water-Skiing Liability

• Medical Payments

• Trailers.  Optional coverage is available if you use a trailer to tow your PWC.


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